DiSIA fosters cooperation with academic and research institutions all over the world and welcomes foreign professors, assistant professors and students in order to promote cultural and scientific internationalisation and cooperation. It promotes incoming and outgoing mobility to improve the quality of scientific production, train young researchers and support cooperation with other countries. DiSIA operates along the lines indicated by the University of Florence, ensuring adequate financial resources and administrative support for internationalisation and cooperation activities.

In detail, the agreements that DiSIA has entered into with other foreign universities and institutions are designed to promote cooperation in teaching, national and international research and training.

The main activities are aimed particularly at:

  • promoting the internationalisation of research in collaboration with the structures, with participation in European and international research projects
  • monitoring funding opportunities
  • managing conventions and agreements entered into by the University with international partners in order to enrich its educational offerings
  • coordinating international initiatives relating to the geographical scope of the area and to topics of interest to the University
  • promoting the international mobility of researchers and professors
  • organising international meetings and seminars and hosting lecturers from all over the world

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