Public engagement

The combination of non-profit activities with educational, cultural and societal development value, which can be used to communicate, share and disseminate the benefits of education and research results, is referred to as public engagement. For example:

  • informative publications signed by teaching staff at national or international level;
  • participation of teaching staff in radio and television broadcasts at national or international level;
  • active participation in public meetings organised by other parties (e.g.: science cafés, festivals, science fairs, etc.);
  • organisation of public events (e.g.: Researchers' Night, open days);
  • organised communication training days (for PTA (Technical/Administrative Staff) or teachers);
  • interactive and/or informative websites, blogs;
  • organisation of concerts, exhibitions and other events of public utility open to the community;
  • participation in the formulation of public interest programmes (policy-making);
  • participation in committees for the definition of standards and technical regulations;
  • health protection initiatives (e.g.: information and prevention days);
  • initiatives in collaboration with organisations for urban development or land improvement projects.

Public Engagement activities database

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