Research units

Research units may be set up within the Department or between different Departments, in order to enhance specific disciplinary or interdisciplinary skills, or to coordinate the drafting and management of research, transfer and innovation projects. They are established, based on the proposal of the professors and researchers concerned, by resolution of the Department Council and have no managerial autonomy.
(Legislative references: Reg. di Ateneo dei Dipartimenti, art.20; Reg. DiSIA, articles 19-21)


The DiSIA has established the following research units to date:

  • Laboratory of Statistics and Computer Science - DiSIA-Lab, established by resolution of the Department Council in July 2014. The research unit is made up of all the technical and teaching staff of the DiSIA, coordinated by Professor Bruno Bertaccini. The DiSIA-Lab was created to meet specific teaching and research needs, and to serve as a tool for conducting transfer and innovation projects and for developing the DiSIA's collaborative relationships with other organisations inside and outside the University. The tasks of the DiSIA-Lab also include the operational management of IT resources, equipped classrooms and data collection systems within the DiSIA.
  • Population and Society Research Unit - UPS, established by resolution of the Department Council in December 2020. The aim of UPS is to share and disseminate the expertise developed by the DiSIA's researchers in the socio-demographic field. UPS collaborates with national and international research institutes and universities. For more information see the dedicated page (Eng, Ita).
  • Interdepartmental Laboratory of Technology and Analysis of Plant Preparations of Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Interest - PhytoLab. The Departments involved are:  Chemistry "Ugo Schiff", Neuroscience, Psychology, Children's Medicine and Healthcare, Statistics, Computer Science, Applications "Giuseppe Parenti".

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