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Aims and activities of the research unit

UPS is the Population and Society Research Unit of the Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Application (DiSIA) of the University of Florence. UPS aims at sharing and disseminating the expertise developed in the socio-demographic research field by the researchers of DiSIA, in order to establish, renew and consolidate scientific partnerships with national and international research institutes and universities.


UPS leads research and dissemination activities in the fields of population and society with a multidisciplinary scientific approach.


UPS's main areas of scientific interest:
- family demography and life course;
- population health and well-being;
- causes and consequences of demographic ageing;
- international migrations;
- social inequality and stratification;
- statistical methods for the integration of different statistical data sources (e.g., traditional surveys and administrative data);
- sustainable development;
- construction of indicators of well-being and quality of life;
- evaluation of educational processes (e.g., value-added models and educational data mining);
- implementation of statistical information systems for the evaluation of public utility services;
- design and implementation of surveys for the study of social and demographic events at the local and national level.


UPS coordinates national and international projects on social and demographic issues based at DiSIA.


UPS disseminates the findings of its research projects and the activities of its members through seminars, articles published on magazines or international journals and DiSIA working papers, press releases and conferences.


UPS works in partnership with FloPS – Florence Population Studies – a collaboration agreement between the Department of Statistics, Computer Scince, Applications "G. Parenti" (DiSIA) of the University of Florence and the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute, for the development of joint research activities about population, life course and social inequalities.


Seminar series
The UPS seminars are included within the DiSIA seminar series.


Scientific coordinator
Daniele Vignoli






Current projects


Recent publications

For a complete overview of publications, please see the personal pages of UPS partecipants.

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