ENBIS Spring Meeting 2018

Design of experiments for quality of products and sustainability in agri-food systems

Florence, 4-6 June 2018


A great impulse to the evolution of experiments theory was originated by the technological field and the concept of quality improvement. The robust design approach  through Response Surface Methodology and Generalized Linear Models gave a notable boost to the use and application of  design of experiments in new fields, such as marketing and bio-technologies.

Furthermore, optimal experimental designs are involved in the development of these new technologies and the need of a new methodology, which combines the basic elements of modeling and robust design with the optimal design theory, is more and more pressing. Therefore, design of experiments is the basic and fundamental method for improving technologies and products, in terms of quality and also reliability.

Moreover, more recently, the study of the product quality as function of all phases of the supply and value chains, including chemical analyses, labelling and certifications (concerning social, economic and environmental issues) has been playing an increasing role. Therefore, exploring the associations between quality, organoleptic properties, taste and certifications, and discussion of the main relations around the sustainability of commodities are key issues to be implemented in the new economic strategies at a global scale.

With this spirit, a further issue is related to the study of consumer’s behaviour. By considering product labeling and mandatory disclosure, consumer’s preferences and judgments play a relevant role, and multi-attribute valuation methods may be applied to study consumer’s knowledge and behavior. In fact, preference measurements and choice-experiments may be considered as the main methods for studying and analyzing the consumer's decision-making in order to improve consumer’s utility in changing a service or product.

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