December 03-05, 2014 - University of Florence - Italy

Sponsored by:

European Community's Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013]

Aims and Scope

This workshop intends to bring together international experts in diverse field of many-valued logic and their algebras with the aim of sharing perspectives and methodologies and advancing the mathematical foundations and applications.

Venue and reception desk

The workshop will be held in Viale Morgagni 59 - Department of Statistics, Infomatics and Applications (DISIA) - Room 32.

The registration desk will be in the first floor of DISIA, from 8:00 to 8:50 on Wednesday. For more information see the Booklet.


The attendance is open to the academic community and there is no participation fee. If you plan to participate please contact Leonardo Cabrer

Workshop Schedule


Wednesday, December 3rd

08:00-08:50 Registration
08.50-09.00 Welcome
09:00-09:35 M. Gehrke, Ultrafilter equations
09:35-10:10 S. van Gool, Duality for sheaf representations of distributive lattices
10:10-10:55   Coffee break
10:55-11:30 I. Leuştean, Applications of the semisimple tensor product of MV-algebras
11:30-12:05 F. Marigo, Finite GBL-algebras and Heyting algebras with equivalence relations
12:05-12:40 M. Busaniche, Representation of BL-algebras with finite and independent spectrum
12:40-14:20 Lunch break: Centro Didattico, Viale Morgagni 40
14:20-14:55 V. Marra, Γ
14:55-15:30 L. Reggio, Stone duality above dimension zero: infinitary algebras of real-valued functions on compact Hausdorff spaces   
15:30-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-16:50 B. Gerla, Categorical equivalences of classes of MTL-algebras through cancellative hoops
16:50-17:10 P. Cintula, Presentation of the ERCIM working group on Many-Valued Logics (ManyVal)

Thursday, December 4rd

09:00-09:35 F. Montagna, Variants of Ulam game and game semantics for many-valued logics
09:35-10:10 T. Kroupa, Balanced McNaughton Functions
10:10-10:55 Coffee break
10:55-11:30 A. Palmigiano, Unified Correspondence as a Proof-Theoretic Tool
11:30-12:05 P. Oliva, Hoops and Intuitionistic Łukasiewicz Logic
12:05-12:40 A. Ciabattoni, A proof theoretic approach to standard completeness
12:40-14:20 Lunch break
14:20-14:55 F. Paoli, Projectable l-groups and algebras of logic
14:55-15:30 R. Horčík, Full Lambek Calculus with Contraction is Undecidable
15:30-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-16:50 P. Cintula, Combining logics using two-layer modal syntax
16:50-17:10 A. Kurz, On a category theoretic perspective of many-valued logic
20:00-22:00 Social Dinner: Ristorante Cafaggi, Via Guelfa 35 rosso

Friday, December 5rd

09:00-09:35 O. Caramello, The Morita-equivalence between MV-algebras and abelian l-groups with strong unit
09:35-10:10 A. C. Russo, Lattice-ordered abelian groups and perfect MV-algebras: a topos-theoretic perspective
10:10-10:55 Coffee break
10:55-11:30 D. Diaconescu, Mutually exclusive nuances of truth
11:30-12:05 S. Lapenta, Baker-Beynon duality for Riesz MV-algebras
12:05-12:40 S. Aguzzoli, Towards a Riesz representation theorem for finite Heyting algebras
12:40-14:20 Lunch break
14:20-14:55 A. Pedrini, From Freudental's Spectral Theorem to projectable hulls of unital Archimedean lattice-groups, through compactification of minimal spectra - Part 1: the compact case
14:55-15:30 D. McNeil, From Freudental's Spectral Theorem to projectable hulls of unital Archimedean lattice-groups, through compactification of minimal spectra - Part 2: the general case
15:30-16:15 Coffee break 
16:15-16:50 L. Spada, A(nother) duality for the whole variety of MV-algebras
16:50-17:10 G. Metcalfe, Exact Unification and Admissibility


  • Cabrer, Leonardo Manuel
  • Marra, Vincenzo
  • Mundici, Daniele
  • Verri, Maria Cecilia

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